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Hydrocarbon development in Québec

The Québec government has launched a far-ranging public consultation on the continuation of oil and gas development and transportation activities

During the consultation, citizens from all regions of Québec will have an opportunity to express their opinions, share their expert knowledge and make suggestions in response to the main environmental, social, economic and safety issues connected with oil and gas development and transportation in Québec.

What will the next challenges be in the area of oil and gas development for the Québec population? What new priorities should Québec set to establish the conditions that will make it possible to envisage further oil and gas development? All Quebecers will have an opportunity to make their views known on these key issues.

It's your turn to speak!

You can consult the documentation from previous and ongoing strategic environmental assessments (SEAs) to find out more about the socio-economic, environmental and technical observations, issues and knowledge connected with oil and gas development and transportation.

The public consultation process will continue until late November. It will include public hearings in various regions of Québec, scheduled for November 16 to 19, 2015. Citizens who wish to take part in the consultation can





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